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I Found A Few Bed Bugs – Does That Mean I’m Dealing With An Infestation?

A sighting of a few bed bugs does not always represent a full-blown infestation. However, it is enough to cause concern because these insects waste no time getting comfortable in their new environments. In fact, a single bed bug could transform into a major problem if left untreated.

A sighting of one or more bed bugs warrants an extermination visit. Only the bed bug experts can determine the best course of action. Boston’s pest control industry ensures 100 percent access to all residents and businesses. Yes, businesses are at risk of bed bug infestations as well.

A Small Bed Bug Sighting – Why Is It Worrisome?

Bed bugs spend a lot of time reproducing and the rest of their time in survival mode. A single adult female bed bug can lay up to seven eggs a day to 500 eggs within a lifetime. This is a significant number since infestations can involve hundreds if not thousands of adult female bed bugs. Another factor to consider is bed bugs tend to travel and live in colonies, they are far from being solitary insects.

If only one of the bed bugs you spotted is an adult female, your concern is validated. With a week, the one adult female bed bug will lay up to 35 eggs, many of which will survive and transform into healthy adult bed bugs.

Should you contact an exterminator when the bed bug numbers are no more than five? Yes, most definitely because a single bed bug, especially an adult female, could lead to a major pest infestation before you know it. The bed bug characteristics across the board are 7 millimeters in length, flat, round abdomen, and an apple seed shape.

Bed Bugs – Why Are They So Difficult To Detect?

The main reason is that bed bugs exhibit deceptive behaviors. They do whatever is necessary to avoid human detection. Their thin, flat bodies give them the ability to access tiny crevices and cracks in furniture, carpet, mattresses, wallboards, floorboards, and bed boards. They will hide behind loose wallpaper, inside stuffed animals, clothing, and other materials.

A sighting is less likely than one could ever imagine, which is why only a few bed bugs are concerning. Another factor is the bed bugs normal feeding routine, which takes place at night while the human host is asleep.

How To Determine The Insect Type?

With so many household insects, it is easy to see why someone would confuse the identity. The best way to determine what type of insect is invading your home is through a visual inspection. Referring to the aforementioned characteristics, you will not have any issues identifying your home pest invader.

Bed Bug Infestation Signs To Know

Bed bugs are known for the devastation they leave behind. This includes the following:

  • Unsightly Stains – When a bed bug pierces its host’s skin, it brings blood. While it feeds on most of the blood, a bit may be left over to stain your bed linen.
  • Egg Casings – The female adult bed bug will leave her egg casing lying around after birth. These are extremely difficult to detect because they are so tiny and nearly translucent.
  • Exoskeletons – The skin of bed bugs is translucent in color and can be found just about anywhere, even on your bed linen.
  • Fecal Material – Like other insects bed bugs leave their excrement droppings on bed linen, mattresses, furniture, toys, and clothing.
  • Musty Scent – Moderate to severe bed bug infestations tends to generate a musty smell. Some victims describe the scent as being a mixture of musty and sweet.
  • Bite MarksBed bugs pierce the skin of their hosts to access blood for feedings. This results in a tiny red spot that is extremely difficult to identify.

Searching For Difficult-To-Find Bed Bugs

Bed bugs exhibit nocturnal, deceptive behaviors, making them extremely difficult to locate. However, our exterminators know exactly where these tiny pests like to hide, which is exactly where they start their search.

Common people with little to no bed bugs experience are not familiar with the common hiding places. It only makes sense to inspect your bed linen if you wake up with bite marks on your arm. Search underneath your pillow, mattress, and box springs. Remove the bed linen to ensure full access to your mattress and box springs. If necessary, flip the mattress over to inspect it fully.

Once you complete this portion of the inspection, you can move on to the flooring, walls, appliances, furniture, electrical receptacles, and electronics. Do not stop until you determine where the bed bugs are hiding.

When To Contact The Bed Bug Professionals

There is no time like now to contact the bed bug experts. A small bite on your skin may not be enough to warrant this call. But, a bed bug sighting is enough to warrant a full-blown in-home inspection by a licensed exterminator.

At the end of your inspection, there will be enough evidence to determine if your home is infested with bed bugs. Utilize the data you collected during the inspection to decide which course of action to take. If signs of a bed bug infestation were found, then do not hesitate to contact our local Boston office for immediate assistance.


Generally, infestations begin with a single bed bug. While the adult male bed bug will not do much damage, an adult female bed bug will. Contact our Boston exterminators to learn more.

Average people cannot determine the sex of a bed bug. This must be left to the experts. A single bed bug sighting warrants a call to our extermination company.

Infestations can involve 10 or thousands of bed bugs. The more bed bugs involved, the more severe the infestation. Remember, a single adult female bed bug can produce up to 500 eggs within a lifetime.

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