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How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs By Yourself

Bed bugs are by far one of the most difficult pests to get rid of quickly. In fact, most people do not realize they have a problem until a few days after they have been bitten. It only takes one bed bug to create a nasty infestation in the home. While these critters are not known to spread diseases, they are nasty and their bites can be itchy and painful. However, you should know that continuous scratching of the bites could cause them to become infected. Once a bite site is infected, it can lead to severe illness. With that being said, there have been very few reported cases of this occurring.

If you think that you are suffering from an infestation, your best option is to seek out a professional Boston pest control company immediately. Unfortunately, pest control can be expensive and some people have a hard time attempting to afford a professional. If you want to try to tackle the problem yourself there are several different things that you can try. Below, you will learn some tips and information that will help you remove bed bugs from your home.

Do The Laundry

Bed bugs like to live near their hosts, so most of the time, they are going to find shelter in your bedding. One great way to get bed bugs out of you bedding is to make sure that you are regularly washing your sheeting and bedding. Make sure that you wash them in hot soapy water that is at least 120 degrees. Bed bugs can only live in the temperature for around 20 to 30 minutes. After you have washed the sheeting and bedding, it is also a great ideal to dry the bedclothes on your dryer’s hottest settings.

However, you should keep in mind that some items are not intended for household washing machines. Always make sure to check the labels, before you take a chance on ruining your items.

Proper Vacuuming

Unfortunately, washing your bedclothes alone won’t be enough. You are going to have to vacuum your mattress as well. In fact, you want to vacuum under the bed, inside the bed frame, along the headboards, and even along the baseboards in your bedroom. These are places that bed bugs like to hide and take shelter. Just remember that when you are emptying the vacuum cleaner you want to do this outside. This will prevent any of the eggs from escaping into the home and infecting other areas of the house.

You can also purchase mattress and box springs encasements. These are like big plastic bags that will wrap and seal your mattress and box springs. This will prevent any bed bugs from biting you and escaping your bed.


As you can see, bed bugs are quite difficult pests to get rid of. In fact, it will probably take more than one or two treatment plans to completely get rid of the bugs. Just remember that if you are not successful on the first attempt, keep trying, and you eventually will get rid of these horrible critters. Call professional Boston pest control experts today.


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