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Box Elder Bugs

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Box Elder Bugs Explained

The box elder bug has unique characteristics, such as the red marks that outline the wings. This is a unique design that is rarely seen on insects. Measuring approximately ½ inch in length, the box elder bug is visible to the naked eye. In fact, you can easily spot these insects feeding on the maple, ash, cherry, and the box elder tree.

Box Elder Bugs Infestations – Why My Home?

Boxelder bugs are opportunist insects that will invade accessible homes at the drop of a hat before the fall season sets in. As the winter season nears, the insect will become more of a nuisance, crawling through tiny crevices to access your home. Once access is secured, the insect will remain there until late spring or early summer.

Do Box Elder Bugs Pose Health Risks To Humans?

There is no scientific evidence that shows box elder bugs carry diseases that spread to humans. They are more of a nuisance than a health threat to humans or animals.

Box Elder Bug Infestations – How To Fully Eradicate In A Timely Manner?

Is it possible to fully eradicate a box elder infestation? Yes, our box elder bug pest control service is guaranteed to be 100 percent effective for mild, moderate, and severe infestations. The best way to achieve maximum results without going to the extreme is a quick response and our pest control service.

Is DIY Box Elder Bug Pest Control Effective?

Since box elder bugs are known to hide deep into the tiniest crevices, achieving success with DIY pest control is questionable. Many over-the-counter pesticides are not capable of penetrating the box elder bugs’ hiding places. If you are familiar with these products, you know they are not nearly as strong as commercial-grade pesticides.

How Long Does It Take For An Exterminator To Be Dispatched Out To My Home?

In most cases, we can dispatch an exterminator out to a client’s home within 24 to 48 hours following an initial service request.

Is Box Elder Bug Treatment Safe?

Boxelder bug treatment generally consists of pesticides and traps. Yes, pesticides do contain chemicals that have a tendency to cause symptoms in the homes of health-vulnerable people. To minimize these health risks, we require all household members to vacate the home several hours prior to treatment and not return for several hours following treatment. Any household member with a serious illness will not be permitted back into the home for up to 24 hours following the treatment. To minimize these risks, even more, we opt to only utilize EPA-approved pesticides.

Box Elder Bug Infestation Prevention – Is It Possible?

To prevent box elder bug infestations in the future, your home will need to be fully protected by an insect barrier. The barrier will surround your home, keeping these insects at bay. To create such a barrier, we start by sealing off what is believed to be a potential access point for box elder bugs. Openings near sewage and water pipes are also sealed off utilizing caulk and other waterproof sealants.

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