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How To Make Bed Bugs Come Out Of Hiding?

Bed bugs exhibit some very strange behavior when it comes to survival. For example, the desperate bed bug will prey on unaware people, hitching a ride on their clothes, pets, luggage, and purchases, such as used furniture and stuffed animals. Since bed bugs tend to feed at night, they are able to maintain a low profile when most humans are awake. This makes detection extremely difficult for the inexperienced home or business owner. Even severe infestations leave experts puzzled about the whereabouts of the bed bugs.

Bed bugs do not waste much time settling into their new homes. In fact, they will make their way to their hosts’ bedroom and remain there for as long as possible. They will crawl into the smallest crevice and stay there until feeding time. They are also notable for hiding inside mattresses, pillowcases, footboards, baseboards, upholstery furniture, and wardrobes to avoid detection.

Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? How Do I Make Them Come Out Of Their Hiding Places?

Bed bugs do not like to venture out of their hiding places during the daylight hours. In fact, they do not like to come out of their hiding places at night either unless it is time to feed. Here are a few tips to help you lure bed bugs out of their hiding places:

  • Bed bugs exhibit nocturnal behavior, which means they do most of their activities, such as feeding, at night. If you are patient and awake all hours of the night, you will catch the bed bugs in action right in your home.
  • Your bed should not be next to a wall. It is possible to entice the bed bugs in your home to make their presence with the help of BeapCo 6-Hour CO2 Traps. These products take about six hours to start working.
  • CO2 is a natural substance that is released by the body when you are sleeping. CO2 bed bug traps should be installed in areas not too close to the bed bugs’ preferred hiding places. When the trap releases the CO2, the bed bugs will immediately be drawn to it. Some will go so far as to leave their hiding places in search of the CO2.
  • Hot steam has also been shown to forced bed bugs out of their hiding places. Steam can safely be utilized to drive bed bugs out of small cracks and crevices in furniture, walls, floors, ceilings, mattresses, and floorboards. Steam can penetrate small crevices and cracks, driving the bed bugs out of their hiding places.
  • Heat is also effective in driving bed bugs out of their hiding places. Bed bugs are hot steam. In fact, these insects try to avoid it at all costs by driving them out of mattresses, wallboards, stuffed animals, dressers, and crevices.
  • Wash and dry clothes, stuffed animals, drapes, and other materials. We recommend heat to help drive adult and infant bed bugs out of their safe hiding places. Utilizing heat, it is possible to not only push bed bugs out of their hiding places but also eradicate them as they leave.

If all else fails, you can turn to bed bug luring techniques.

What Is Needed To Lure Bed Bugs Out Of Hiding?

Luring bed bugs out of their hiding places is never easy. You are not dealing with an ordinary pest. No, bed bugs are considered some of the smartest pests because they can avoid detection for weeks, months, or even years in some cases. Bed bug lures have been shown to offer some hope when victims thought there were none. We recommend lures that cannot be ignored by the toughest bed bugs.

Lures work by attracting the insects To maximum the results of these products, we recommend a combination treatment of heat and bed bug lures. It is crucial to only consider brands with a trap, such as glue paper. These appear to work better because they prevent the bed bug from accessing its hiding place ever again.

With the right equipment, information, and help, it is possible to drive both adult and baby bed bugs out of hiding. However, you must be patient, determined, and dedicated to achieving the maximum results. Do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call. We are one of the top bed bug exterminators in Boston and the United States.

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