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Bed Bugs

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Bed Bugs – What Type Of Insect?

The scientific term utilized to describe the bed bug is ‘Cimex lectularius.’ The diet for these tiny ectoparasite is comprised of human blood. While bed bugs prefer human blood, they will feast on animal and bird blood if it is accessible. Their favorite hiding place is inside of mattresses, where they are in close proximity of their hosts. They measure around 3/16” in length, with a broad, oval, flat abdomen that expands after each blood meal.

Why Is My Home Infested With Bed Bugs?

If your home is infested with bed bugs, it is because you or another family member picked them up during their travels. Bed bugs have been shown to hop rides with humans and animals in search of a new host. They utilize their tiny pincers to grasp hold of animal fur, human clothing, and other materials to ensure a safer transport. They are commonly sighted in hotels, inns, college dorms, apartment complexes, and motels, where they have access to different hosts. Bed bug infestations can also be the result of infested furniture, box springs, mattresses, used stuffed animals, and clothing. When one apartment is infested, it will not take long before the adjoining apartments become infested as well.

Are Bed Bug Infestations Dangerous?

There is no scientific evidence that shows bed bugs are harmful to humans or animals. They are not known to carry and spread diseases and parasites to their victims. The bed bug excretes a substance that can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

How To Eradicate A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bug infestations are some of the most difficult to treat. Even a minor bed bug infestation can take up to two treatment applications to fully eradicate. To ensure the best pest control results, we recommend our bed bug treatments. We utilize a variety of commercial-grade treatments, such as pesticides and traps to tackle bed bug infestations of all severity levels.

Why choose our bed bug treatment?

  • It Is Cost-EffectiveOur custom bed bug solutions are affordable, accessible, and effective.
  • Pre-Treatment Preparation – Our custom bed bug solutions require pre-treatment preparation, which is the client’s responsibility.
  • Chemical-Based Pesticides – We utilize chemical-based pesticides to ensure the best results.

Bed Bugs Heat Treatment

  • Cost-Effective – Our bed bugs heat treatment is effective in eradicating full infestations in one application. It eradicates bed bugs in all life stages.
  • Pre-Treatment Preparation – Clients are required to prepare their homes prior to the administration of heat treatment.
  • Non-Chemical-Based – Our heat treatment does not utilize chemicals, instead, it utilizes high temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Diatomaceous Earth – A natural substance found in the environment has been shown to be effective in eradicating bed bugs.

Fumigation Pest Control

  • Cost-Effective – Our fumigation pest control service is affordable when treating mild to severe bed bug infestations.
  • Pre-Treatment Preparation – Clients are required to prepare their homes in advance of treatment.
  • Chemical-Based – Our fumigation bed bugs treatment utilizes a chemical known as Sulfuryl Fluoride (Vikane).

Does Bed Bugs DIY Treatment Work?

DIY treatment is effective in mild bed bug infestations only. Due to the bed bugs’ nocturnal and deceptive behaviors, infestations are extremely to fully eradicate. We custom bed bug treatments to meet or exceed our client’s pest control needs. Special precautions are taken when administering chemical-based pesticides.

Is Bed Bugs Treatment Safe?

Our bed bug treatments do involve the administration of chemical-based pesticides, which have been shown to be harmful when utilized improperly. To avoid these risks while keeping our clients and their assets safe during the treatment process, we only utilize EPA-approved pesticides. The US Environmental Protection Agency has deemed these pesticides “safe.”

Bed Bugs Treatment – How Much Per Each Application?

Our bed bug treatment prices are competitive and affordable. We will gladly work with your pest control budget to ensure full access to our bed bugs solutions. To best way to determine the cost prior to treatment is through a quote. We offer free quotes to all Boston residents and businesses. We recommend comparing our free quote with our top competitors in Boston to get the best deal.

When Should I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home?

In most cases, we can dispatch an exterminator out to the client’s home within 24 to 48 hours of the initial pest control request.

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We Offer Bed Bug Control Solutions In Boston

Having a pest infestation in your home can be one of the worst things ever. You’ll have to find a solution to the problem right away or it is only going to get worse. This is definitely the case when you’re dealing with a terribly problematic critter like the bedbug. Bedbugs are nasty and they’ll keep you up all night long. After all, they’re going to bite you everywhere. The bites might not be deadly or dangerous, but they’re annoying and you’ll want to put a stop to them right away. Our Boston extermination company excels in the removal of bedbugs. Below, you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with our company and our services.

For The Long Haul

Our company is not new to the game. Every single member of our team has been in the pest control industry for many years. We have been exterminating bedbugs in the city of Boston for a very long time. This enables us to understand bedbugs better than anyone else. We know how they survive, how they enter your home and where they’re going to hide. With this degree of experience and knowledge by your side, you can guarantee that we’ll be able to remedy your problem!

We’re Safe

Some pest control companies in Boston just want to enter your home, spray it down and take your money. They’re not worried about putting you in a dangerous spot. Our company is much different. We actually care about the client and their health. This is why we strive to be the safest bed bug control company in Boston. If you want to protect yourself, your family and your dogs, you should select us. We offer safe solutions that will keep everyone protected throughout the entire ordeal.

Quotes Over the Phone

In Boston, bed bug control solutions can be a little expensive. We know this firsthand. Some of our competitors charge insanely high prices. Others offer very low prices in hopes of trapping and scamming the customer. Our company wants you to get great service at a great price. This is why we offer free quotes(over the phone) with no obligations. Just give us a call!. Our phone staff will do their best to provide you with an accurate quote as quickly as possible.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our company has the highest quality standards. We want to make sure that each and every client is completely happy with the service that we’ve provided. In the rare event that they’re dissatisfied, we’ll remedy the issue right away. With our satisfaction guarantee, you can rest assured knowing that you’ll be treated right by us!

We Offer Many Benefits

Our company can provide you with tons of benefits. Some of these perks will be listed below.

  • Our prices are beyond reasonable and we provide free quotes
  • We have plenty of insurance to protect you and your property
  • We offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get your money’s worth
  • Our team strives to keep the client safe with the safest treatment options
  • We’ll do whatever possible to keep the bed bugs done for good

Time To Call the Top Bed Bug Exterminators of Boston!

If you’re dealing with a bedbug infestation, it is time to call us, the top pest exterminator in Boston Massachusetts. With us, you’ll be in caring hands.